We Are Open!

Thrift Store is open: Tuesday- Saturday 10am- 4pm
Food pantry is open: Tuesday 10am- 4pm
All donations are appreciated! Feel free to drop off any physical donations or click the donate button below!


We Refurbish and Repurpose With a Purpose

Shop at a thrift store that gives back to the Cheyenne, WY community

Want to furnish your home on a budget? Looking for unique items you can't find at a big-box retailer? You've come to the right thrift store in Cheyenne, WY.

Ambitious Diversities is your community thrift store and a non-profit organization. We've got a little bit of everything on our shelves, including:

  • Home décor
  • Refurbished furniture
  • Gently used clothing and accessories

Visit us today to find that special something for your home or closet. We're open six days a week.

How we pay it forward

Ambitious Diversities is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Cheyenne, WY. Since 2014, we've been doing our part to reduce waste in our landfills and help our neighbors in need by running a local thrift store.

Feel free to bring household items or boutique clothing you don't need or use. Our team will examine them at our on-site workshop, then...

  • Repair what we can.
  • Repurpose what we can't repair.
  • Refurbish items that need a little TLC.

For example, we can repurpose a dresser as a TV stand, or we can turn a TV stand into a work of art.

You'll find many of our unique creations on our shelves-happy treasure hunting!

Another way we pay it forward is by running a thrift store and community food bank. Our neighbors in need can purchase gently used clothing at a discount and take food from our food pantry at no cost.

Ambitious Diversities accepts food and clothing donations. Contact us today to find out what kinds of items you can donate.

Community Partner/ Sponsor

Cheyenne Habilitation & Therapeutic Center

Our parent company. Support Services.